Sizing Information

Before you order, here’s a simple way to make sure you get the right size T-shirt. This is important because T-shirt sizes vary between different producers and our sizing is generous.

So firstly take one of your T-shirts that fits you well (not a stretch fabric one) and place it flat on a table. Measure across the chest of the T-shirt from armpit to armpit. This is measurement a on the diagram.


Then take your measurement and look on the chart below to show you the size you need to order for the correct fit.

For the BIONIC Grey and the ICONIC Grey T Shirts only:

Measurement a:  Small = 48cm    Medium = 51cm  Large= 54cm

For all other T Shirts including BIONIC lCONIC LOGO, BETON BRUT and       Red Line Average:

Measurement a: XSmall = 48cm Small = 50cm  Medium = 53cm Large = 56cm      XLarge = 60cm XXLarge = 64CM