This is the part where you would find a load of words that tell you about how bioniciconic started and what it 'means', but the truth is it’s not about words.

It’s about people.

It's about people who are passionate about who they are, what they do and what they’re achieving. People who hate the thought of being lumped into a 'target demographic' and instead cherish their individuality and creativity.

We embrace the fact that we share things that we find captivating, rather than calculate what appeals to a target market.  Although it may sound wrong, we don't have a business plan and we’re not looking for global retail domination or to morph into a mega brand.

We simply offer interesting things for interesting people.
People like us. Thinkers, creators and instigators.

All of the products we sell have been chosen because they are exciting, creative and show something different.  Our selection is deliberately kept narrow and will be developed over time. The aim is to offer good quality, intelligently interesting items you can wear, share or use.  

We won't give you a sales pitch, we just hope you like what you see.

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