How to be Interesting

 Being interesting doesn't mean you need to change who you are. 

Being interesting doesn't mean you need to change who you are. 

Wake-up: post, share, like, check your feed, check your followers, check your likes. 
Rewarding eh! 
Not enough likes? The wrong look, the wrong hashtags, the wrong content, the wrong followers?
Or is it a case of the wrong mindset?
Social media is morphing into Anti-Social Media - its become calculating. 
It’s become less interesting.
So if you want to be interesting on Social Media it’s easy, you need to become less interesting and model yourself on one of the popular stereotypes instead. 
And plenty of people are doing this, and plenty of people who can’t get the right look get to experience increased levels of anxiety about how they look.

But hang on, who wants to be less interesting? Who wants to base their self-esteem on the number of likes they get? Yes that very tiny minority of “influencers” do, and that’s because their livelihood depends on it. 

So how about we head back to the real world, and instead think about how you can be truly interesting. Well here’s the good news, it’s really easy to be interesting and this is how you do it:

Just be yourself.
Enjoy being who you are, embrace your personality and when it comes to social media share what interests you. Yeah totally unlikely you’ll wake-up to millions of followers. So what.

Instead you’ll attract followers who have similar interests and passions to you. Then even better, you can start enjoying interacting with them. Seriously a small following of genuine people who are supportive, encouraging and interested in you has to be worth more than 100k disconnected followers.

This also means you’ll genuinely get to feel better about yourself because your social media activity will be based on who you are and the things that are important to you.

It’s also really liberating to genuinely not care about how many followers and likes you achieve. 
Becoming interesting is this simple, because everyone is interesting for their own reasons.

Be interested in other people.
People who are interested in people are truly interesting people, and their inquisitive nature is highly engaging. There’s no rule book here, but when you start taking a genuine interest in other people, you soon start to enjoy rewarding interactions with people who have a similar mindset as you.

This is a great way to connect around common interests and passions. On social media with so many people just broadcasting, content showing a genuine interest in other people’s content is nearly always greeted with a warm response.

However, and this is important, there are plenty of insincere people out there who will comment on your posts and message you with a thinly hidden agenda. So don’t be one of those people, don’t play that game. Instead be genuine and comment on the right content from the right people who you want to engage with for the right reasons. 

Then you will have freed yourself from the vapid popularity competition that social media has become, and instead can look forward to engaging with people who are as interesting as you. Simple!