By Jack Crossing for Kodak To Graph 

By Jack Crossing for Kodak To Graph 

Bionic People

Graphic designer and image maker Jack Crossing has put his creative talent to exceptional use in a diverse range of projects since graduating from Bath Spa University in 2008. Based in London, his portfolio includes film posters and cover art for the music industry. 
However, Jack engages across a range of projects and the breadth of his talent can been viewed on his website

Jack Crossing


The Interview:

What drew you to your passion/interest? 
My dad. He worked in advertising and encouraged me to pursue a career in the creative industry. In fact both my parents worked for Saatchi & Saatchi back in the day, that's how they met.

Was there a particular moment in your life that you ‘discovered’ or fell in love with your passion/interest? 
When I was at college and I actually managed to create something that looked exactly the  way it did in my head! From concept to final piece.

What is the most interesting moment in your life? 
Probably finishing university and looking for a job, it was the most determined/motivated I've ever been in finding a job. 

What do you think makes a person interesting? 
How little they stare at the phone screen. We're all becoming addicted to our phones. We all need to talk more and engage with one another.

Who are some of the people that fascinate you? 
It'll sound biased but probably my dad, some of his stories about advertising in the 80's are incredible. 

If you could meet anyone (past or present) who would it be and why? 
I was once in the same room as Storm Thorgerson, but sadly I didn't get to speak to him, so if I could rewind time, I'd go back and speak to him. He was a legend of the album art world who sadly passed away a few years ago.

What is the most interesting possession you own? 
It'll probably be a book, something that continues to inspire me when I hit a creative block. The Stanley Kubrick archives book is currently sitting on my coffee table, I love that book. Kubrick is my hero.

If you could make one change to your life to make it more interesting, what would it be? 
The ability to not need sleep. I'd get so much done with a whole 24 hours of work! 

Which brand do you find most interesting, and why is that? 
Uniqlo. Simple and yet perfectly made clothes. Does Pinterest count as a brand? I'm always on there, I love how you can start looking for one thing and end up discovering something you didn't even know was out there.

Care to share something interesting you’ve never shared before? 
My middle name is Bonneville, after the Triumph motorbike, it was my dad's decision. Not many people know that.

What is your all-time favourite piece of art, design or fashion? 
That's tricky, I'd have to say the cover art for Michael jackson's 'Dangerous' I remember growing up and having it on cassette tape and just being fascinated by all the details.

Below is a small selection of Jack's work, please view his website to see more.

Thank you Jack