Sandro Giordano                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Image by: Lionel Lecocq 

Sandro Giordano                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Image by: Lionel Lecocq 

Bionic People

Sandro Giordano is an Italian photographer who originally comes from the stage. He’s been an actor for twenty years and before that studied as a draftsman designer. With this truly interesting background, Sandro approached photography with the inception of his project IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret), in which he showcases the many ways that we are all victims of our materialistic world, through the fall of characters exhausted by their own obsessions.

Sandro’s compelling and thought provoking work can be viewed on his website

Sandro Giordano

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The Interview

What drew you to your passion/interest?
A bad fall from a bicycle inspired my photographic project, it changed my life in a positive way.

Was there a particular moment in your life that you ‘discovered’ or fell in love with your passion/interest?
October 12th, 2013 is a date that I will never forget. I remember waking up suddenly, with my heart pounding with happiness to have realized that I had to do what I’m doing. I felt I had a mission in life. IN EXTREMIS is the nicest thing I could do.

What is the most interesting moment in your life?
It’s again related to my work. I love so much what I do, that when I finish taking a new photo, I feel a euphoria, like that in the delivery room right after childbirth. I think the most interesting and exciting moments happen when I upload photos to my computer, and I look at them carefully for the first time. Exactly as when they bring a baby to its mother for the first time.

What do you think makes a person interesting?
Just having his own personal interests, this makes an interesting person. I do not feel any interest or curiosity for empty people who are devoid of passion. Passion moves the world, without it we are simply the living dead.

Who are some of the people that fascinate you?
I few years ago I got to know my favorite italian singer: Carmen Consoli. There are few people who own aura, she is one of them. I talked to her for about ten minutes and I felt totally at home. Her presence went straight to my heart, just like her songs. If you don’t know her, I recommend you listen one of her most beautiful albums: “Elettra”.

If you could meet anyone (past or present) who would it be and why?
Oh, my biggest dream would be just to dine one night with Anna Magnani, absorbing all of her vital charge and listening to her storyline and gossip about the cinema of that era.

What is the most interesting possession you own?
An old Super 8 film that my dad bought in the 1960s. It would be too bad to lose the reels, they have my first recorded birthdays.

If you could make one change to your life to make it more interesting, what would it be?
One thing I always wanted to do is play the drums. Being the drummer of a famous rock band would be one of the most exciting things in the world.

Which brand do you find most interesting, and why is that?
Talking about clothing, Carhartt is my favorite brand. I like casual, minimal and elegant at the same time, and they perfectly reflect my tastes.

Care to share something interesting you’ve never shared before?
I don’t know if it’s an interesting thing but, for many years one of my hobbies has been to recreate covers of imaginary music magazines. I put myself in front of my Mac, I select the artists I want to get out and I compose the cover. I have a lot of fun looking for the right fonts and titles to put on the front page. I’m revealing something that actually only a few people know.

What is your all-time favourite piece of art, design or fashion?
This is a really difficult question. Many artworks come to my mind that I would like to list for you, but i think that “L’incredulità di San Tommaso” of Caravaggio (1601) is the masterpiece that gives me the most emotion.

Below is a small selection of Sandro's photography. For full details of these images and to view more of Sandro's work please visit his website.

Thank you Sandro

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