Why it pays to keep average at bay

No surprises, bioniciconic doesn’t have time for average. Instead we’re passionately anti-average and here’s our totally not average thinking on this.

  • We only get one shot at life. So it makes sense to take the biggest and most juicy bite out of it! Why settle for less?
  • When you reject average you give yourself the best possible chance to take your dreams, turn them into ambitions and give them your best to make them happen. OK, so what if first time round you don’t make all the magic happen? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is embracing the opportunity to give your best to yourself in your life. That can apply to whatever passions you have, be it in your chosen field of work, your gym goals, your personal ambitions. You choose! 
  • Proactively deciding to reject average puts you in a positive head space. It helps you to think of new ways to do better, to be better, and achieve more.
  • Of course what you want to achieve is entirely personal, but it’s so good to have goals and ambitions. You own these, and having them already means you’ve no intention of joining “Club Average.”  Yes sometimes a great big bag of good fortune comes along and makes it all super easy - however more often as not, it really is a case of “give the world your best and the best will come back to you.” In many ways this is a good thing, because by committing yourself to achieving your goals means when you achieve them you get the best reward of all - personally achieved success. No one can take that from you, and you should enjoy every moment of your hard earned achievements. 
  • An average mindset won’t help you get there, it makes room for compromise, it allows you to settle for less and will always leave you feeling unfulfilled. 

That’s why bioniciconic created F*CK Average and its more sophisticated Red Line Average sibling. They are our anti-average mantras to give like minded people a reminder to keep average at bay.