Rhys at work for bioniciconic

Rhys at work for bioniciconic

Bionic People
If you’ve been following bioniciconic on Instagram you’ll instantly recognise our latest Bionic Person from the images we’ve been sharing. From the outset we knew we wanted Rhys to model for us because he is truly interesting. Like many people who work as models, the modelling is just part of the work Rhys undertakes.
We hope you enjoy getting finding out more about Rhys, and to take a look at his comprehensive portfolio check-out his feed on Instagram

Rhys Simmons
Professionally Rhys is a Youth and Community Education Manager, and is proud of the life he’s lived - mistakes and all! His main passions are sports and urban art, and he always has old school soul or Motown playing in his ears. 

Rhys explains that his “life has been shaped by the amazing and inspiring people I have met from around the world, most importantly my family, friends and partner Leonie who have always supported me through my highs and lows”. 
As for modelling, Rhys was approached two years ago whilst quietly sitting on the train to work and in his own words, “since that day I have juggled my own aspirations to achieve in my profession and pursuing any opportunities that have come my way to catwalk and be part of a great picture or two!” 

What drew you to your passion/interest? 
I always try to say yes to any opportunity that faces me as if you haven't tried it then you may never know where something may take you....
Was there a particular moment in your life that you ‘discovered’ or fell in love with your

 I love to meet new people and make someone new smile! I truly believe that we create and can overcome our barriers and fears, if you don't do or learn something new each day then why get out of bed!
What is the most interesting moment in your life?
Being bitten by a Brazilian Spider at the foot of Christ the Redeemer in Rio!
What do you think makes a person interesting?
Someone who is not afraid to talk about their passion, someone who chases their dreams.
Who are some of the people that fascinate you?
Mohammed Ali, he would always win his fights with words, the fight was just a show. 
If you could meet anyone (past or present) who would it be and why?
I would love to sit and talk music with Otis Redding. Of course I'd want to hear him sing too!
What is the most interesting possession you own?
am not really materialistic but I do love to ride my Harley Davidson as it was a dream of mine to own one since I can remember. 
If you could make one change to your life to make it more interesting, what would it

To travel more, the world is such a beautiful place and you can never see or experience enough of it. 
Which brand do you find most interesting, and why is that?
I'd have to say Ducati. Riding one is just heaven but I could admire at the Italian styling all day long.
Care to share something interesting you’ve never shared before?
I'm not very good at keeping secrets so I haven't really got anything that people don't already know. 
What is your all-time favourite piece of art, design or fashion?
Picasso's Mother and Child. The  fine and gentle sketching illustrates the beauty and simplicity of life.  

Thank you Rhys

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