Bionic stories: One woman and her dog

Bionic Stories

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Bionic Stories: One woman and her dog

 Her buggy means Maisie gets to keep enjoying trips out with her less than average owner

Her buggy means Maisie gets to keep enjoying trips out with her less than average owner


Here’s Maisie in her dog buggy, owner Jane knows this causes some people to point, stare and even laugh. But what they don’t know is that Jane and her husband rescued Maisie as an abandoned puppy, and ever since she’s been a much loved member of their family.

Now, Maisie is growing old and she can’t manage the long walks she used to love. Unpredictably, she’d start out on a walk and would just stop and sit down as she couldn’t go any further, and as big dog she’s a bit too heavy to pick-up and walk home.

Knowing how much Maisie likes being outdoors and seeing the world around her, Jane was determined that her beloved friend wasn’t going to miss out, and so she came up with a less than average solution; a dog buggy. This means Maisie can head out on her walks as usual, and if on the day she can’t walk very far, she simply goes in the buggy, and can enjoy a good long ride taking in the world around her.

Does Jane care that some people think this looks odd? No, because for Jane doing her best to look after a member of her family takes priority over what other people think.

Of course Maisie in her buggy also attracts interest from people who are curious to know why she’s in a buggy and interested to know her story. These people will stop and ask questions, and often as not will be other dog owners, who in the same situation wouldn’t think twice about doing the same for their own dogs. 

Jane and Maisie’s story shows that when you do something different, you stand out and you get noticed. It’s what makes people interesting, and yes some people may choose to point and laugh.

However, it’s the people who stop and take an interest that are ones who really matter because invariably they’ll be interesting people too.