Model Esmeralda shares her love of travel, family and gaming.

Model Esmeralda shares her love of travel, family and gaming.

Bionic People

Here’s our latest Bionic People interview. Over time we hope you’ll enjoy reading about the many different people we’ll be featuring.

We enjoy finding out about people from all walks of life and at different points in their life. So one week you may find we focus on someone who has a whole bunch of achievements to their name, and the next week it could be someone who is full of ambition and busy carving out their own niche.

The one thing they’ll all have in common is a drive to achieve their passion. They are all people who challenge average to help motivate them to achieve their goals.

This week it’s our pleasure to feature Esmeralda, you may recognise her from our photoshoot. After meeting her in the studio we knew this quietly confident women was a truly bionic person, and we hope you enjoy Esmeralda’s interview.  

By day I'm a care worker at a care home in South Wales, taking care of elderly people suffering from dementia. On the side I'm also a model, as you might've seen on the Bionic Iconic website and Instagram! You can find some of my work on my Instagram account:

Having a mixed ethnicity (Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese) and having been raised in Spain, I have naturally spent much of my childhood travelling to meet some of my many family members. Travelling has become part of my life since I was very young. I'm quite the geeky type - in my spare time I like to play PC games or read a comic book while wearing my ‘Adventure Time' PJ's. Or in my more productive moods I try to learn a new language. I'm currently working on both Russian and Cypriot!

What drew you to your passion/interest?
I think deep inside I've always wanted to try modelling, but my lack of confidence in myself always held me back. As I grew older many of my family members and friends told me I should try it out. I delayed it for years, but when I finally started shooting I loved it!

Was there a particular moment in your life that you ‘discovered’ or fell in love with your passion/interest?
When I had my first shoot, that's when I realised that I wanted to model more often.

What is the most interesting moment in your life?
It must have been when I travelled to Indonesia for the first time with most of my paternal family - about 30 people! It was the first time I left Europe and I got to meet my Indonesian cousins. It's definitely one of my most memorable trips.

What do you think makes a person interesting?
In my opinion it's all about what separates the person from the crowd. Their little quirks, their style, their personality, their background, their culture. Anything that makes a person stand out is what makes them interesting.

Who are some of the people that fascinate you?
Roald Dahl, one of my favourite writers. I've grown up reading his books, I love his creativity and ideas.

If you could meet anyone (past or present) who would it be and why?
I'd want to meet my paternal grandparents. I never got to meet them as they passed away before I was born; but seeing how my dad and his siblings turned out, I know I would've loved them to bits. It sounds a bit cheesy, I know. I have a big soft spot for my family.

What is the most interesting possession you own?
My Nerf Rival blaster - like a regular Nerf gun but with more painful bullets! 

If you could make one change to your life to make it more interesting, what would it be?
I’d either travel more or try to do more challenging stuff as I usually like to stay in my comfort zone.

Which brand do you find most interesting, and why is that?
I’m not very big on brands, but I've always been into skate brands such as Volcom, DC or Vans.

Care to share something interesting you’ve never shared before?
The only reason I bought a baseball bat is because once there was an attempted robbery at my home while I was in my room! Luckily I scared them off. Now I'm not scared for it to happen again with my baseball bat at hand.

What is your all-time favourite piece of art, design or fashion?
Many people might not consider this art, but the Legend of Zelda games are my favourite. The characters, the temples, the storylines - amazing pieces of art.

Thank you Esmeralda