__ IN INTERIORS (style with no regret)

 02.10 _APPENA SBIANCATI  Image by Sandro Giordano as part of the _IN INTERIORS (style with no regret) collaboration with Gate 5 Gallery 

02.10 _APPENA SBIANCATI  Image by Sandro Giordano as part of the _IN INTERIORS (style with no regret) collaboration with Gate 5 Gallery 

A new collaboration between Sandro Giordano and Gate 5 Gallery  

Since our interview (May 2017) with Italian photographer Sandro Giordano he's been working on a new collaborative project with Monaco based Gate 5 Gallery

The gallery specialises in Italian design that covers three key periods of Italian Modern Design history. The 1930s to 1950s, a period that that established the fundamentals of Italian design. 1950s Modernism, and from the 1970s the Postmodern period of Radical Design. 

Sandro has based this work _IN INTERIORS (style with no regret) on his concept IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret), in which he showcases the many ways that we are all victims of our materialistic world, through the fall of characters exhausted by their own obsessions.

This has resulted in a collection of exceptional images that tell a story of ten upper middle class women. With the work focusin on Sandro’s visual exploration of the pathological relationship between the women and their own precious furnitur. 

Gate 5 Gallery supplied a unique selection of pieces by iconic Italian designers including: Gabriella Crespi, Gio Ponti, Ettore Sottsass, Max Ingran, Fontana Arte and Gino Sarfatti
The clothing, jewellery and accessories used in the images were curated by style director Marco Longoscevola  who has combined unique vintage pieces with leading brands including Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Note, Iosselliani, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs.

Sandro gave us a preview of the ten images that have been created as part of this collaboration and it’s real privilege for us to have been given permission to share them with you here.

You can also view the images on Sandro’s Instagram feed: _remmidemmi

__ IN INTERIORS (style with no regret) will also be exhibited from November 8th at Galerie Alexandre Guillemain, 21 Rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris. The exhibition runs until November 25th.


About Sandro Giordano

 Sandro Giordano 

Sandro Giordano 

Born in Rome on October 6th 1972. Sandro studied set design at the “Istituto di Stato per la Cinematogra a e la Televi- sione Roberto Rossellini” in Rome. After graduating, he started to work as a light and sound engineer in Roman theatres. In 1993, he studied acting in one of Rome’s best private schools, and started his professional career as an actor the following year.
Tired of the entertainment industry, Sandro moved to Barcelona in 2010, before deciding in October 2013 to devote himself to his photographic project __IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret), under the pseudonym Remmi Demmi.
Today, Remmi Demmi’s work has been successfully exhibited globally with exhibitions in Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg and in the US.

About Gate 5 Gallery
Established in 2012 by Céline Marcato in Monaco. Gate 5 Gallery develops contemporary projects with leading designers. They are invited on-site to create and develop exclusive collections, whose themes are the result of a cooperation between curators from the contemporary art world, artists and Gate 5 Gallery.
Gate 5 Gallery blurs the traditional Design Gallery modus operandi to develop projects by organising shows in private houses, promoting pieces at international fairs and collaborating closely with renowned architects, interior design studios and other art galleries.
The Monaco gallery is a strategic location that attracts international collectors from around the world and is complemented by a further showroom space in Rome.

__ IN INTERIORS (style with no regret)
Born from the encounter between Sandro Giordano and Gate 5 Gallery.
«There is all around us today a kind of fantastic conspicuousness of consumption and abundance, constituted by the multiplication of objects, services and material goods, and this represents something of a fundamental mutation in the ecology of the human species. Strictly speaking, the humans of the age of affluence are surrounded not so much by other human beings, as they were in all previous ages, but by objects.» Jean Baudrillard, Consumer Society, 1978.

Gate 5 Design proposed this thought provoking project based on the collaboration between photographer Sandro Giordano and the Design Gallery Gate 5.

The result is __ In Interiors a show including Photography and Italian Modern Design Furniture.
Following the concept of Remmi Demmi __In Extremis, the idea is to denounce our consumption and need of abundance by using Italian Masterpieces of Design and staging women from the 50s-60s in their interiors, ready to hurt themselves in order to protect THE piece of furniture they love.

The show includes photographs of daily scenes in which women are acting with their favourite piece of furniture. Their daily dealings are now not so much with their fellow men, but rather with the reception and manipulation of goods and messages». It is an attempt to demonstrate how human beings are dependant and feel alive surrounded by objects, and at the same an ironic way to showcase Italian Modern design.

The objective of this collaboration is to mix contemporary photographs with design, and to push further the concept of irony; by printing large scale photographs and getting closer and closer to reality.

The following images from _IN INTERIORS (sale with no regret) are copyright: Sandro Giordano. For any reuse of this these images, please in all instances seek permission from Sandro Giordano.  

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