Unconventional undefined

Who defines conventional? 

For someone or something to be unconventional, implies a need for people or things that are conventional in order for a differentiation between the two to be possible. That makes sense, until you try and decide what conventional is. 

Looking back to a time of limited, and highly controlled media, a more singular vision of conventional was delivered by newscasters with their textbook perfect received pronunciation. You can’t help but think this managed delivery of information will have suppressed personal individuality and kept the masses in their place.
Fast forward and things change with the arrival of Rock and Roll in the ‘50s, the free thinking ‘60s, Disco and Punk infused ‘70s, the ‘80s New Romantics and rappers of the ‘90s, of course the list goes on. You can add in new art movements, architecture, literature and design too. 

All of which brings us to today, when this entire world of unconventionality sits in the palms of our hands. 

Like never before, from a smartphone you can dive into just about every aspect of unconventional life. Which does make you think, is unconventional becoming conventional? Was a conventional “norm” created to give our society order or control even? 

Are we still only really being unconventional within a conventional framework that sets the tolerance limits for unconventionality? If this is the case then arguably nothing is unconventional.

Just to make things a little more complex, what’s seen as unconventional in one country can be totally conventional in another, and vice versa. For example, there are countless reports of freethinkers in more restricted societies being persecuted for expressing views that are counter to the establishment that governs them.

Arguably, how you choose to live your life becomes your version of convention, irrespective as to how unconventional others perceive this to be. 

As we continue to move away from the vision of suburban normality, the a three bed semi, 2.3 children and dog etc, there’s a wonderful opportunity to change the dialogue from “being tolerant” of people who are different.

Instead it’s time to fully embrace being surrounded by the unconventional, and that makes for a very interesting world where people are able to unlock their true passions and channel them in the most unconventional ways.

Ultimately an unconventional way to define unconventional is to not define it, and simply cherish it with genuine open minded interest.

John JacksonComment