For the love of Brutalism

 The iconic BT Tower

The iconic BT Tower

In this post, bioniciconic founder John Jackson shares his passion for Brutalism.

Seven years old and there I was looking-up at it. I’d been dreaming of it, I was mildly obsessed with it, and now after my first trip on an Intercity 125 I was there. Standing next to my father,  beneath it, looking at it soar into the sky, pencil thin, futuristic, mesmerizing and closed to the public.

This was my first brutally disappointing encounter with Brutalism. Due to the “troubles” the Post Office tower was no longer open to the public. I think Dad just assumed it was open, but although disappointed I didn’t get to travel up the tower, just being able to see it up close pretty much sealed my love affair with Brutalism.

I also knew that one day I’d be back and I’d get to the top. That day came 22 years later!  

For a new business programme, I wanted a special launch event, and thanks to BT the vision of launching at the BT Tower became a reality, I couldn’t believe this was happening I was going to spend the day at the top to this Brutalist beauty. 

On the morning of the big day, my heart sank when I saw the newspaper headline: “London on terror alert.” No way, I thought, please, please, please don’t cancel my event. I regressed back to that seven year old being refused access to an icon closed by a different type of terrorism in a different time.

Thankfully, I was worrying needlessly, we were good to go. The launch was a great success, and for me I was simply architectural heaven. As we revolved, looking down and watching the floor move as the core remained static was just spellbinding. 

Then as day turned to night I stood still as the tower glided me around London, and the whole city lit-up right in front of me. This experience was worth the wait, it sealed the deal, my lifelong love of Brutalism was set firmly in concrete.

So with bioniciconic you won’t be surprised to know that one of things we’ll be exploring, and sharing is a true passion for Brutalism. 

It’s enjoying a resurgence at the moment, maybe that’s down to its very visionary approach to design, maybe people just appreciate it’s uncompromising appearance? We’ll take a closer look at this, and if you have any thoughts about why Brutalism is gaining in popularity please let us know.

If you’re as passionate about Brutalism as bioniciconic is please also feel free to tell us why you love Brutalism too.